LADR Dr. Kramer International

Helsink​i, Finland 

In 1995, Dr. Kramer and Dr. Hurme founded Vita Oy in Helsinki, Finland. This company is made up of a doctor’s practice and a laboratory, and is now one of the three largest diagnostic service providers in the country. Through close collaboration with the central laboratory in Geesthacht, Vita Oy was able to secure the tender for state police drug and alcohol testing.

LADR Laboratory in Finland

St. Pet​ersburg, Russia

In 2006, LADR also founded the North-West laboratory in St. Petersburg together with Russian partners. Following years of intense growth, the laboratory is currently one of the most outstanding providers of high quality laboratory analyses for hospitals, physicians and patients. With more than 15 physicians and practices, the North-West laboratory provides a secure and interesting working environment for over 200 employees in St. Petersburg and the surrounding area.

LADR Laboratory in Russia
Video: 15 years laboratory St.Petersburg

Katowice, Poland 

Since 2007, LADR has been an associate partner of the  Slaskie Laboratorial Analityczne laboratory in Katowice, which has been running for 30 years. Thanks to the consistent development of the parameter spectrum, the laboratory is one of the leading facilities in southern Poland. 

LADR Laboratory in Poland
Video: LADR Slaskie Laboratoria Analityczne PL

Cluj, Rumania 

In 2009, we established a new laboratory in Cluj, the third largest city in the country. Together with the local collaborators, Dr. Sander and laboratory management director Dr. Simon, we were able to develop a certified, high-performance laboratory center in very short time.

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