Medical laboratory core competencies

Individual ​service within an integrated Network

We provide management and medical services in private and hospital laboratories since 1945. The LADR network consists of regional laboratories throughout Germany.  Approximately 3,700 employees work in our 19 reference laboratories, 43 basic and routine laboratories, and more than 20 hospital laboratories. We serve more than 20,000 private physicians and more than 400 hospitals.

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Prof. Dr. Jan Kramer MD

Specialist in laboratory medicine
Specialist in internal medicine
Executive and medical director

We perform more than 11,000 different test methods in anatomical pathology, clinical chemistry, coagulation, cytology, drug-monitoring, endocrinology, environmental medicine, food testing, hematology, human genetics, hygiene, immunology, infectious disease serology, microbiology, molecular biology, molecular genetics, oncology, paternity testing, toxicology, veterinary medicine, and (waste) water-/soil testing.

Annually we receive approximately 5 million requests or 19 million tests in our reference laboratories and 9 million requests or 60 million tests in our routine laboratories. The turn-around-time of non-microbiological requests is 70% within the same day, 90% within 24 hours, and more than 99% within 1 week.

Together with our logistics partner Intermed we serve daily 800 routes and 20,000 private physicians. Intermed’s mail and parcel services deliver nationwide normally within 24-hours.

Unique selling propositions of LADR

  • Reliability & know-how
    - management of private labs and hospital labs
    - benchmarking of core processes
  • Services, supply & logistics by our parner Intermed
    - nation-wide coverage
  • Complete range of reference laboratories
    - regional availability and central specialization
  • Marketing & education
    - field service & LADR Academy
  • Contact Person

Contact Person